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Product Development

Medizar will begin by distributing a new line of Natural remedies developed by Turval Laboratories of Italy.

Turval Laboratories was approved as the official supplier for the Italian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, with specific focus on their innovative and approved research of a unique and stabilized second-generation lactic yeast probiotic called Turval B0399 (also known as Turval B).

Medizar IntestineThis new second-generation probiotic was originally developed for the Italian Ministry of Defense and their soldiers on the field. It was discovered that, after soldiers had been on the field for prolonged periods of time and been exposed to constant stress, fatigue and eating only high energy rations, it would result in many of the soldiers being worn out at an early stage. These soldiers would return exhausted, with irritable bowels. After further research into this problem, it was concluded that the soldiers’ field rations were loaded with many proteins, vitamins and minerals, but they were not absorbed by the body while under extreme fatigue or stress. Turval B was developed as a probiotic to balance the intestinal flora. By doing this, vitamins, proteins and minerals are broken down to a molecular level for an easier assimilation and absorption by the cells of the body. By absorbing proper levels of nutrients, the soldiers found that their bodies would not deplete their reserve energy and still have energy to spare.

There are many potential uses for Turval B. Professionals such as physiotherapists, and chiropractors have traditionally followed natural homeopathic medicine for centuries, with an acknowledgement that the basis of good health is a proper eating habit and effective digestion. With new trends towards homeopathic and more natural treatments, people will be able to use Viazorb™ to aid in proper digestion (poor digestion is commonly associated with other ailments) and strengthen the immune systems. Unfortunately, up until now more inert preservatives and detrimental products were being put into our food, destroying naturally occurring intestinal flora, creating an imbalance of digestive functions. This new second-generation probiotic can help combat or aid some of these issues where other first-generation probiotics do not.

Viazorb™  What is it and what does it do?

Viazorb™ works in the intestinal tract by activating enzymes which break down carbohydrates and simple sugars, forming lactic acid. In turn, this lactic acid balances the pH in the intestine, helping to break down vitamins, calcium and protein to a molecular level where the cells will assimilate and absorb them more readily.

The stabilization of the pH in the intestine will favour the growth of natural beneficial intestinal bacterial flora and slow the development of harmful (pathogenic) microbial flora. By producing elevated levels of lactic acid in the intestinal tract (not in the muscle groups), the beneficial nutrients are readily absorbed. One of the most beneficial features of Viazorb™ is its resistance to antibiotic. This means Viazorb™ can be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy, unlike bacteria based probiotics that do not have this resistance.

Benefits of daily use can include:

Through the bio-regulation and modulation of the intestinal bacterial flora, Viazorb™ is able to prevent and ward off any and all intestinal problems caused by changes to the micro-flora.  Some of these changes include:

  • incorrect or unbalanced diet
  • imperfect  digestion
  • stress from physical or mental fatigue
  • antibiotic treatments
  • psychological and emotional factors leading to irritability of the colon
    • aid in absorbing nutrients from balanced diets
  • aid in optimum digestion
  • dissolve stress from mental and physical fatigue
  • counter some negative side effects from pharmacological treatments
  • correcting factors in digestive disorders such as I.B.S, acid reflux, lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, Candida, and colitis

Viazorb™ is recommended as a supplement to treatment and as a prophylactic in cases which could create an imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora or intestinal dismicrobism. Viazorb™’s activity denatures cows’ milk and dairy by-products, making them more favourable to individuals who are lactose-intolerant. Viazorb™’s unsurpassed antibiotic resistance makes it the probiotic of choice when undergoing antibiotic therapy.

This advanced discovery, along with proper nutrition and lifestyle, can aid the body to a new state of health.

Medizar Graph

Made from all natural ingredients

Viazorb™ is the only probiotic in the world that is approved by:

The Italian Ministry of Defence

The European Red Cross

Many European Hospitals and Health Care facilities

Nutritional Composition

Elements Per capsule (500mg)
Energetic value 1, 5 Kcal
Total fats 7,0 mg
Protein (N x 6,25) 203 mg
Carbohydrates 159,5 mg
Group B vitamins 0,475 mg
Niacin 2,0 mg
Total yeasts >400 million

Uses and applications

Viazorb™ may be used daily as follows:

  • as a supplement in treatments involving intestinal dismicrobic syndromes such as colitis, and aspecific enteritis
  • in the treatment of imbalances of the intestinal flora from antibiotic use
  • to aid in lowering of stress due to physical or psychological fatigue
  • aid in minimizing discomfort caused by irritable colon or bowel syndromes
  • as a preventative treatment in any and all cases which potentially lead to the imbalance of the intestinal flora
  • as a dietetic, for its visible signs such as healthier luminous skin and hair
  • as an aid in managing symptoms of atopic dermatitis
  • as a dietary supplement, easily digested and absorbed due to its elevated protein and nutrient content
  • as a dis-intoxicant, especially recommended for lactose intolerant individuals and for women who are pregnant and or nursing to facilitate intestinal functions.
  • as a relief of heartburn caused from acid imbalance
  • as an aid for digestion of lactose for lactose intolerance cases
  • as an aid to assimilate vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids  for proper health and body strengthening
  • as an aid in  relieving candida or yeast infections
  • as an aid to be carried and used for prevention of traveller’s diarrhea
  • as an aid in relieving digestive upset from cold flu or medication
  • as an aid in relieving symptoms derived from colitis or ulcerative colitis
  • as an aid in relieving some symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Product accreditation is listed for BioVal by the above facilities.
BioVal  is the Italian counterpart for Viazorb™
All information obtained from Turval Labs for BioVal
BioVal is a trademark of Turval Labs Srl.