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Q: Are all probiotics the same?

A: No. Viazorb™’s effectiveness is attributed to the fact that it is not a bacteria-based probiotic like all others on the market but instead a stabilized lactic yeast. Its cell membrane protects it from the harmful acid levels in the stomach. This means Viazorb™ is capable of reaching the small intestine, where probiotic activity is the most important. Bacteria based probiotics do not have this protection or ability and are killed off by the acids in the stomach, therefore not allowing them to function properly. This makes Viazorb™ the most advanced and unique generation of probiotic.

Q: Are all Yeasts the same?

A: No. Some strains of yeast can have detrimental effects on some people and react differently within the body.Viazorb™ uses a select strain of typified Lactic yeast which helps produce lactic acid in the intestine. Some common baker’s yeasts or brewing yeasts do not do this and, instead, only produce a fermenting property or by-product.

Q: Does Viazorb™ cure diseases?

A: No. Viazorb™ is a dietary supplement. It has been developed to enhance proper absorption of nutrients into the body while augmenting the ph levels to a favourable condition for beneficial bacteria to be produced. In turn, this helps combat illness and symptoms of disease associated with digestion.

Q: Can Viazorb™ be taken by anybody?

A: Yes! Viazorb™ is an all-natural product that has been extensively tested on people with all types of conditions. To date there have been NO ill or detrimental effects or side effects. Viazorb™ can be used by all ages and health conditions. Specifically, Viazorb™ can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical drugs and or therapy with no known negative drug interactions.

Q: Is Viazorb™ cost effective?

A: Yes  Viazorb™ is one of the most cost effective and yet most effective probiotic in the world. Studies have proven Viazorb to be incredibly effective against common digestive disorders. Requiring as little as one capsule per 24-hour period, Viazorb™ is the most efficient and cost effective product per day.

Q: What does 2nd generation probiotic mean?

A: Viazorb™’s advanced biotechnology takes probiotics to a new level. Most probiotics are simply bacteria-based or composed of the lowest form of organism on our food chain. These organisms generally do not have any protection from the naturally occurring acids of our digestive system. Viazorb™’s advanced lactic yeast has a protective membrane around it, therefore protecting it from antibiotics and acids. Viazorb™’s composition makes it the most advanced or “Second generation” probiotic available today.

Q: You claim complex B vitamins and highly digestible proteins. What makes that different from other probiotics on the market?

A: Viazorb™ has naturally occurring protein and B complex vitamins in the active ingredients cell walls. These are a simple form and naturally occurring, therefore making them more easily digested and utilized.

Q: Why has it taken so long to develop North America?

A: Viazorb™ is on the cutting edge of bio-technology and has taken time to be adopted by the North American market.

Q: What other products are available through Medizar?

A: Medizar’s marketing focus is currently on Viazorb™ due to the recently growing demand and learning curve of the North American public. North America’s recent realization of probiotic importance is now our main focus.

Q: Where can I find the research about your product?

A: Our website carries much of our information. However, if there is something specific that requires answers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Do you have a registration number?

A: Viazorb™’s active ingredient has been reviewed and approved by CFIA (Canadian Food and Inspection Agency), as well as the FDA (Federal Department of Agriculture).

Q: Who is European Biologics Lab?

A: European Biologics Lab is a highly recognized European Laboratory. They are also the founders of the active ingredient that makes up Viazorb™, with government, ministry of defence, European Red Cross and many other world wide accreditations.