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Medizar Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Medizar Pharmaceutical Inc. is a Canadian based biological research and development company which strives to provide our customers with innovative quality products for an overall better standard of living. Our products are developed in collaboration with the top research and biotechnology laboratories from around the globe.

Keeping with our commitment in striving to provide resources and products to reach optimum health, we start by introducing our second generation probiotic, “Viazorb™”.

Viazorb™ was developed by Medizar Pharmaceuticals Inc. in conjunction with European Biologics Lab, a top biological research laboratory in Europe. Medizar Pharmaceuticals Inc. understands the need for superior products in the maintenance of optimum health and we pride ourselves with the development of the highest quality products to promote a healthier and happier life style.

It is not only our belief that our products will meet your expectations, but they will exceed them, and help you achieve your goal of optimum health and wellness.

Our products can enhance everyday lifestyles, support athletic goals, and ultimately expedite the recovery of unbalanced digestive health.