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How Viazorb Works

The human digestive system is the foundation from which our general state of health is derived. Proper absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins as well as a regulated pH level in the intestinal tract allow our bodies to operate at an optimal state of health.

Viazorb™’s probiotic activity works by activating and seeding enzymes in the intestine which break down carbohydrates, lactose and simple sugars. In turn this activity forms lactic acid. This lactic acid helps balance the pH in the intestine, which favours the growth of natural beneficial intestinal bacterial flora and slows the development of harmful (pathogenic) microbial flora (enteric or bad bacteria). Furthermore, lactic acid is the fundamental building block for metabolizing calciums, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

For every carbohydrate or simple sugar molecule Viazorb™ comes in contact with, it produces two lactic acid molecules. Elevated lactic acid (in the intestinal tract, not muscle groups) helps facilitate the breakdown of vitamins and minerals to a molecular level, allowing the body to more efficiently absorb or metabolize them rather than discard them.

The active micro-organisms (KB0339) in Viazorb™ furthers the positive effects of Viazorb™’s probiotic functions due to its unique characteristics. Since it’s a living lactic yeast that is protected by a cell wall, its capabilities far exceed those of bacterial based composition probiotics.

The significant difference to other yeast or bacteria based products is Viazorb™’s high level of lactic acid production that has shown to change the microbial flora of the intestinal walls. The organisms in the microvilli of the small intestine that are most exposed to the external influx of pathogens have improved immune response of antibodies and exclusion due to the number of good microbes.


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Pathogens that have caused inflammation of the intestinal walls (for example colitis and ileitis) are prevented from multiplying and therefore significantly reduce the occurrence of diarrhea, loose stool, and sub clinical production losses.

Even in the wake of the yeast’s demise, the yeast cell wall has beneficial properties. The high level of glutens and mannose oligosaccharides (MOS) in the cell wall have the ability to absorb or adsorb toxins, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, then flush them out of the digestive tract.

Viazorb™, once present in the intestinal tract, will begin to balance the pH level of the body so the beneficial micro-organism can thrive in a favourable environment. This has benefits for people suffering from acid related intestinal disorders such as ulcers or colitis; in turn a more balanced pH level will offer less discomfort and a more comfortable living condition.

In particular, Viazorb™ destroys lactose molecules in the body. This property has shown to have great benefits for people suffering from lactose intolerance issues. This allows for alleviation or, in some cases, avoidance altogether of lactose intolerance discomfort.

Due to its high antibiotic resistance, Viazorb™ used during antibiotic therapies, will not only continue its probiotic effects, absorbing nutrients (helping to increase the efficiency of the immune system), but can also help facilitate absorption of medication, allowing it to be more effective with less or no discomfort. Viazorb™’s European counterpart (same active ingredient) has been adopted by hospitals, The Red Cross, and geriatric wards all over Europe for this purpose.

The ability of Viazorb™ to aid in the recovery of patients is evident due to its unsurpassed capabilities. The optimization of the intestinal tract processes can generate a new state of health and wellness for patients suffering from gastro-intestinal disorder type illnesses. By proper digestive balances, the natural auto-immune system will work at elevated, beneficial capacity which, combined with better absorption of antibiotic therapies, increases the potential for a quicker recovery.

Composed from the highest quality, all natural ingredients

Composed from:

TURVAL B (typified active lactic yeasts Kluyveromyces fragilis B0399), fiber, a balanced mix of ingredients including dried distillers, dried brewery stillage, wheat bran, dry select lactic yeast extracts, whey, hydrolyzed proteins, dried natural fermentation substratum and active yeast (Saccaromyces cerevisiae).

Directions for use

One capsule (500mg) per 24 hour period for both adults and children. This may be doubled to two capsules every 24 hour period when used as a supplement to pharmacological therapies such as antibiotic therapy or in individuals under psychological or emotional distress.

Nutritional Composition

Elements Per capsule (500mg)
Energetic value 1, 5 Kcal
Total fats 7,0 mg
Protein (N x 6,25) 203 mg
Carbohydrates 159,5 mg
Group B vitamins  0,475 mg
Niacin 2,0 mg
Total yeasts >400 million

No undesirable effects were verified in conjunction with the use of the product and neither were there interactions or reactions from overdose. Nonetheless, if any undesirable effects occur, the patient should contact his doctor or pharmacist.

Contraindications : hypersensitivity towards the components.


30 capsule container  x 500mg

Duration and Preservation

Store between 15°C to 25°C.  Refrigeration not necessary.

Expiry: as per expiry date stamped on packaging, provided sealed contents are stored in a cool, dry place.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT- INTESTINAL BIOREGULATOR with Kluyveromyces B0399 (typified active lactic yeasts) and Saccaromyces Cerevisae.


(Sheet N. 24)


Dr. S. Andreoli – Medical Director Gastroenterologic Service – Hospital S. Maria Misericordia – Udine, Italy  Prof.C.V. Bruschi – International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) – Trieste, Italy
Basic research : Research Institute of Preventive Medicine – Bratislava, Slovakia

*all  information written and researched by European Biologics Lab., Europe and revised for Viazorb ™ of  Medizar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

*Information originally written by European Biologics Lab., for BioVal European counterpart of Viazorb™.